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Hello Stirling Wolf!!

Posted by Emma Parry on

After lots of thought, we made the decision to rebrand our business in June 2021. We are now called Stirling Wolf.  So its a fond goodbye to our old name All Seasons Pet Supplies.

Our business has evolved since we started in 2015, we started off retailing a wide range of pet products from a variety of vendors, over the years we designed and manufactured our own ranges for dogs and those quickly became the focus of our business, many thanks to you guys for buying them, we were so happy how much you loved them!

We wanted something that reflects our business roots, we are based in Stirlingshire and something to show our dog focus, so chose to use wolf!! Our two dogs (Shadow & Lucy) are very wolfy, and the name also reflects our love and devotion to them.

We are still very much a small family business, dedicated to making the highest quality accessories, all handmade in Scotland. 






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